‘In solidarity with their brothers and sisters across the pond, downtrodden Brits are planning to emulate the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, by staging similar action in the financial City of London.

There have been sporadic rumblings through the alternative media about action against the financial gamblers, but one Facebook page that seems to be getting all the press calls citizens to Occupy the London Stock Exchange on Saturday, October 15 at 4:30pm until December 12 at 11:00am. As of now 241 people have signed up as attending.

So far political action in the UK has mainly fallen on deaf ears. The student protests were demonized as too violent and ignored, the cuts protests drew large crowds but lacked understanding & direction, and were mainly led by controlled opposition forces in Labour and the Unions. The Royal Wedding protests were stopped before they could start. And the youth riots were brushed off as not being political and used to give the Government more control over people’s movements.

With a little planning, Occupying the City may prove to be the wake up call the country needs. The root cause of the problems right now are the bankers and gamblers that plummeted the economy and then further robbed the people through the bailout. So the only logical action, should be to target the bankers and the gamblers.

The estimated total cost of the bailout is around £850bn, while the total national debt sits pretty at £4.8 trillion and growing. They can talk about spending their way out of the recession or cutting their way out. The only way out is for the debt to be written off, because it wasn’t created by the people and it’s not owed to anybody that needs it!

The Facebook page notes:
We are a people-powered movement, protesting against the increasing social and economic injustice in this country. Since the financial crisis the government has made sure to maintain the status quo and let the people who caused this crisis get off scot-free, whilst conversely ensuring that the people of this country pay the price, in particular those most vulnerable. What we have in common is that we are the other 99%, that we want People over Profit, that we are making our voices heard against greed and corruption and for a democratic and just society. And we are doing that in a non-violent and peaceful way.

WideShut and Resistance Radio plan to have a presence at the event. Stay tuned for more details.’