Minister Farrakhan Blasts Media & Reporters During Radio Interview Commercial

“… the media is bought and paid for.  This is a hell of a betrayal, of the American people, when you will not tell them the truth, because you’re afraid if you tell the truth, your bosses will take your job from you.  That’s a hell of a thing.. you don’t have democracy when you don’t have a free press.  (*hand gestures to reporters, cameramen etc.)  You’re all slaves… and you love it!  You deserve what you get, the erosion of democracy, you’ll soon be the laughing stock of the world…  It’s a damn shame.  That’s why the children are occupying space, in New York, in Boston, in Washington, in Chicago, in San Francisco, why… because they are not looking to you as a source of information for them.  The same people who control the banks control the media.. you all know it, but YOU afraid to say it.”



Every. Single. American. Should. Watch. This. Video.

This is our moment of clarity. Throw out all the other demands out the window. They mean well and are backed by conscience and a desire for a free and responsible world. But they will all fail if we can’t solve this one problem.

Get the money out of politics. Give the people referendum control over issues and recalls without setting term limits. Decide elections based on popular votes.

We don’t need to destroy banks. We don’t need affirmative action. We don’t need unions or anti-government activists controlling our public discourse.

We need a healthy Wall Street that checks DC when it feels abused by Wall Street. Swift action on politicians who can’t buffer themselves between the people with Wall Street money will eventually force DC to reign in greed and reckless economic practices.

We need healthy banks but that isn’t a free license to turn citizens into consumer debt addicts. We can grow business and foster innovation while also bailing out the public.

As long as the 99% doesn’t make the demand to become the 1% - aka demand wealth - the movement will succeed.

This is about basic democracy.

This video Hits hard..



‘These segments are an escalation of the Fox News campaign to spin and discredit Occupy Wall Street. The fact that Fox News is paying attention now means that your message is getting out, and they are scared. When Wall Street uses their media mouthpiece to attack you that means that they are worried. More than anything Wall Street and Fox News are hoping that the protests turn violent so that they can delegitimize you as an angry mob.

The message is out, the people are listening and this has made the corporate interests very nervous, so nervous that Fox News felt compelled to go increase their attacks.’



In many of the threads on this forum and others I’ve seen references to these three films: The Corporation, Inside Job, and Why We Fight. These are three great documentary films and they can all  be watched for free on FilmsForAction.org

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The Corporation: http://www.filmsforaction.org/Watch/The_Corporation/

Inside Job: http://www.filmsforaction.org/Watch/Inside_Job_2010/

Why We Fight: http://www.filmsforaction.org/Watch/Why_We_Fight/